St. Caspar Council #8829

"A Fraternity of Catholic Men Dedicated to Serving the Church and Community"

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Some Council Activities:

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Hold Memorial Mass for Deceased Brothers

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Annual State Charities Ticket Sales

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Stand out for Measure-Up.  Money goes to Sunshine Childrens' Home

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Deliver Christmas food and presents to area needy families, and baskets for the shut-ins

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Help area families in need

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Sponsor a seminarian in India

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Contribute to State Vocations

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Sponsor National Hoop Shoot Contest

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Help sponsor Y.E.S. trip to mission destinations

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Christmas skating party and food

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Fish fries for Cub & Boy Scouts, School Groups, Church Groups

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Visit the sick and home bound

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Annual Reverse Raffle

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Scholarships for graduating senior boys

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Matching funds for Toledo Diocese, Religious Education

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Work Fulton County Fair gates

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Hoop Shoot for 9-14 year old boys and girls

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Sponsor St. Caspar Golf Outing

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Take Mass servers to Toledo Mudhens game

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Cook and serve the Alter Society parent daughter breakfast

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Award Senior Youth of the Year

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Cookouts for Fulton Manor, Heartland and F.C.D.D.

wpe55.jpg (730 bytes)Fund a Pro-Life Billboard each January

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The emblem of the order incorporates a shield mounted upon a formee cross.  The shield is associated with a midieval knight and the formee cross is an artistic representation of the cross of Christ. Mounted on the shield are three objects:  a fasces standing vertically, crossed behind it an anchor and a dagger or short sword.  The fasces from Roman days is symbolic of authority.   The anchor is the Mariner's symbol for Columbus.  The short sword is the weapon of the knight when engaged in an errand of mercy.


  • The Knights of Columbus are celebrating 100 years in Northwest Ohio?   

  • St. Caspar Knights of Columbus has been organized for 15 years?  

  • The Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus sponsors the telecast of the Papal Midnight Christmas Mass from Rome?  

  • The K of C Insurance program has one of the highest ratings in the U.S. and supports numerous college scholarships for children of Knights?  

  • St. Caspar, with the Toledo Chapter, sponsor a Poster Contest for the Keep Christ in Christmas Billboard?  

  • St. Caspar Council has donated over $160,000 to charity over the past fourteen years?  

  • Father Robert Holden and two Deacons are Knights?  

  • Rosary is said for the deceased K of C members each meeting?  

  • Knights support Pro-Life and are always trying to save the unborn?   

  • Supreme spends over a million dollars a year in newspaper ads to supply information about the Catholic faith?  

  • Nationally, the Knights of Columbus donate over 94 million dollars annually to charities?  

  • A Knight and his spouse have accidental death benefit life insurance at no cost?  

  • Stillborn are covered after twenty weeks and newborns for the first 61 days at no cost to Knights.  

  • K of C Supreme makes student loans to college students?  

  • Knights and their families donate over 43 million hours annually?

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